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5 Reasons You Need A Social Media Campaign For Your Business

  Dec 29, 2016     FixitSME Admin

Social media is not a fad rather it is the latest trend everyone wants to be involve, individuals, businesses, large organizations are shifting to this trend to stay connect with their audience. Social media has become one of the major marketing tools to meet your numerous audience, who are not attracted to the older means of communication such as newspaper, magazine, poster, flyer, banner and man View More

4 Reasons You Need The WellWishers

  Dec 09, 2016     FixitSME Admin

The season of celebration is here. It's time to make people smile and be happy. There is a great feeling that we are among the lucky ones who are alive to witness this time of the year, a popular quote says “The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day. If you can’t feel this great emotional state, learning how to be happy is possibl View More

Business Monday: Agricbusiness, Power, Lagos TradeFair, CAC Registration

  Nov 07, 2016     FixitSME Admin

TGIM! Today’s editorial gives reader the major business headlines with source links to help users know what is evolving in the business world. Vol. 16.37 Agricbusiness Partnership: FG Partners Private Sector   The Federal Government plans to develop a 15,000-hectare agro-industrial hub in Nigeria, which will be located in the Federal Capital Territory, will attract both local and foreig View More

Orange : Facts, Benefits and Deficiencies

  Oct 12, 2016     FixitSME Admin

This editorial is designed to give entrepreneurs tips to stay healthy and efficient as they carry on business of the day, knowing wellness is a lifestyle and this is how we bring it you. Read & share. Vol. 16.11 Oranges are the largest citrus crop in the world. Orange is a citrus fruit belonging in the Rutaceae family, of the genus which is often peeled and eaten fresh, though other eat w View More

Term Tuesday: Understanding The P’s of Marketing

  Oct 11, 2016     FixitSME Admin

Today’s editorial helps entrepreneurs understand business terms and how the terms influence their business activities. Vol 16.11 The P’s of marketing symbolise what help business function in terms of what of product, packaging, price, place, promotion, people, processes and physical layout decisions. These P’s enhance the business performance in term of market acceptance, sales  View More

Business Monday: Globalization, Marijuana, Agribusiness

  Oct 10, 2016     FixitSME Admin

TGIM! Today’s editorial gives reader the major business headlines with source links to help users know what is evolving in the business world. Vol. 16.10 Amazing! Nigerian Graduate Leaves Banking For Plumbing Profession Most successful people are often happy with what do, creativity comes when the soul is happy. Bonire Abdulrahman Femi, a staff in one of Nigeria leading banks leaves his high View More

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