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  Jul 12, 2017     FixitSME Admin  

Put your business (es) on Nigeria largest business network - the easiest way, you no longer need to complain of how to advertise your business neither do you have to past through the ordeal that some have gone through all in the name of having an online business page.


This article is designed to simplify the process – this is how to get started >>>

 Signup to with ease

First timers are required to start from the sign-up link (the circled portion above) click on the sign-up link at the top right of the website to launch the sign up page.

 Signup form for registration  on fixitsme

The image above is the launched sign-up page and there are three (3) ways to register as a business owner, out of which two (2) are by using social media accounts (Gmail and Facebook accounts) and one (1) is via inputting your details at requested in the right column (Ensure you fill all boxes asterisked).


For those using their social media account no second confirmation required but if you are using your email address, it is important you click on the link in your inbox (check your spam if message is not found in the inbox).


That is all you need to do to be a business owner on FixitSME™. What’s next? Business owner can proceed to their dash page to register their business. It is that simple!


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