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  Mar 21, 2017     FixitSME Admin  

The world has gone digital. And it is high-time you’re involved in this trend. First of all, you must understand the opportunity in the social media world. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Google+ and many more are building online that has more audience than our local community.


As of July 2015, total world-wide population is 7.3 billion. The internet has 3.17 billion users. - Statista


Beyond growing the audience, these social media channels have made it easier to measure the reach and engage the right target audience. This gives business owner a comfort that they are presenting their products and/or services to right audience for example, a fashion designer who specialises in Men suits need a target marketing approach that meet men who work in the corporate environment. Why? This is simply the class of customer he needs.


What FixitSME is offering?

Business owners need not to worry about the hassles of online marketing, they no longer have to worry about how to build their brand on the internet and how to engage customer on the net. FixitSME™ just launched SME RankUp that helps small business owners reach their target audience in a professional way, customers can now measure the effect of their marketing cost on sales revenue.


Understanding SME RankUp

SME RankUp is one of the online marketing products by FixitSME™ which promote products or/and services within the business area using online asset. Table 1.1 (see below) is the schedule that explain other unique offerings of SME RankUp:

Table 1.1

FixitSME Product - SME RankUp

Online Business Page

Why spend much on building a website when you can easily own a business page that is yours. This feature gives the business owners the following:Business information on FixitSME

  1. Free Business Logo design (if needed).
  2. Display images and videos of business premises and products/services.
  3. Products and/or Services information.
  4. Directional Map.
  5. Business contact information.
  6. Business operating houses.
  7. Social media accounts (if needed).
  8. Business review option.
  9. Feedback from customer.
  10. Send mail option – customers can send email to clients and prospective customers at a click.
  11. Social share: This allows business owners share their business information across over 80 social media platforms.

This page is designed to give (prospective) customers information about the latest business offering, how they can contact the business owners, leave a feedback, communicate latest discount and sales promotion.


Social Media Posts

Beyond being listed on business owners will get 10 monthly social media posts from our trained social media officers, who will engage the right audience on different social media platforms (SMP) which can’t be less than 2 SMP. This is to ensure that people know about your page, read about your business offerings and contact you, with the motive of generating sales.


Feature Status

Businesses on Feature status get noticed easier when customers come searching for business on; your business can’t be invisible when you subscribe to this high-class package.


91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. –

 Get Started

Marketing is an investment, so it is the right thing to do with the right team. SignUp on and create your business within 3 minutes. Alternatively, you can get contact the admin to know which of the online marketing products suite your business offerings.


Awaken and tell your business stories easily. Put them in front of Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime – No Barriers. So get STARted!


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